Trinidad Sour



  • 1oz Angostura aromatic bitters
  • .5oz rye (Rittenhouse)
  • .75oz lemon
  • 1oz orgeat (Small Hand Foods)

Combine and shake with ice. Strain and serve


The Trinidad Sour. A sour generally refers to the class of cocktails that is composed of a base spirit, a sour component (generally citrus), and a sweet component. The end result is a delicious sweet&tart refreshing beverage (think: whiskey sours, gimlets, daiquiris). The Trinidad Sour though, is composed of A FULL OUNCE of Angostura bitters. !!! Bitters are usually something you would only use a few drops at a time due to their (generally) overbearing flavor. Surprisingly enough, paired with lemon as the sour component and orgeat as the sweet component, with a hint of rye to round out the base, you have the miraculous Trinidad Sour that is incredibly delicious, unique, and complex. Not to mention that rich color……😍

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