St. Germain

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Ohhhh St. Germain. This was one of my first purchases that really jump started my cocktail interest (after getting past my initial “cocktail discovery” craze in college of throwing together Malibu, Peach schnapps, and Ocean Spray and calling it a cocktail). St. Germain is an elderflower liqueur – which tastes sort of like a milder lychee even though it’s a flower completely unrelated to the lychee berry. It’s a relatively recent addition to the cocktail scene, introduced in 2007, but has rapidly gained popularity in the cocktail world and is now something you can really find even on the shelves of dive bars (at least in San Francisco). It’s an extremely versatile liqueur and a perfect intro purchase for people who are just tiptoeing into crafting cocktails – it’s even sometimes referred to as the “bartender’s ketchup” due to its versatility and ability to complement almost anything! Sip it straight as a sweet treat, slip it into your mimosas for brunch, or try it in a refreshing cocktail served up.


Here’s one of my go-to recipe combos that I’ve yet to find anyone who has not loved:

  • 1.5oz vodka (or you can try gin!)
  • .75oz lemon (or lime)
  • .75oz St. Germain

Shake and strain. Garnish with an expressed lemon peel. (express = squeeze the oils from the peels onto the rim of the glass and on top of the finished cocktail).

See more St. Germain recipes here.



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