Original (real) Hurricane

  • 2oz black rum (I used Gosling’s)
  • 1oz lemon
  • 1oz passionfruit syrup (I used Small Hand Foods)

Shake with crushed ice and serve in your glass of choice. Feel free to double the recipe and serve in a large footed pilsner glass for more fun.


So I have hated Hurricanes from the day I tried it at its birthplace at Pat O’Brien’s in NOLA and have always wondered how a popular iconic drink could be SO terrible. *cough syrup with extra fake grenadine and neon cherries* As with all things good, it turns out the Hurricane has plummeted from its original form greatly into an unrecognizable neon glass of grossness over the past half century. Created in the 40s by Pat O in New Orleans as a way to get rid of the stockpile of rum that flooded the US liquor market (with the shortage of spirits from domestic/European production due to WWII), the original recipe is made with just dark rum, lemon, and fassionola – a now-extinct tropical fruity syrup – to give it its signature red color. Passionfruit syrup will act as a good sub for fassionola though it lacks the distinctive red color. If you’re like me and have always avoided Hurricanes like the plague, give this a try and find yourself surprised and thirsty…this tastes absolutely NOTHING like the atrocity you’ll find served at any NOLA or NOLA-themed bar.

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