• 2oz London dry gin (I used Tanqueray)
  • .75oz lemon
  • .5oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
  • .25oz creme de violette (I used Rothman&Winter, but would love to try with Creme Yvette when I can get my hands on a bottle…)

Shake with ice and strain


The classic Aviation cocktail, with its beautiful lilac hue. As a gin lover intrigued by floral flavors, this was a no-brainer for me…. The Aviation is over 100 years old and relies on key ingredients that have been relatively rare and elusive over past decades…as such, this may be one good reason this cocktail isn’t as popular/well-known as it deserves! Lucky for us, in the past decade, Creme de Violette has become a whooooole lot more accessible, bringing the classic drink within reach.