Wray and Pink




Wray & Pink

  • 1.5oz Wray & Nephrew Overproof rum
  • 4oz Pink grapefruit soda (I used this one from Whole Foods)
  • Lime wedge

Fill a highball glass with ice, add the rum and soda and stir to mix. Squeeze a bit of lime on top and drop in.

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Pink Drink alert! Ok ok this is my take on a Wray&Ting, a classic simple Jamaican refresher made with just Wray&Nephrew overproof rum and Ting, a grapefruit soda popular in the Caribbeans made from Jamaican grapefruits, topped with a spritz of lime. Think of it like the Jamaican version of a Cuba Libre (rum+coke+lime)


Wray & Nephrew is a highly popular unaged overproof rum (63%ABV!) which is actually the best-selling overproof rum in the world and makes up 90% of all rum sales in Jamaica! It has a fruity yet complex flavor that mixes amazingly with citrus. Since I can’t figure out where to procure a can of Ting (I know there must be some places, but I haven’t found time to go scouring thru all the foreign grocery/corner stores in the city…yet. If anyone knows a place in San Francisco that carries it, let me know!), I took a wild stab and tried out some pink grapefruit Italian soda. I’m sure this is pretty different from Ting, but nevertheless it was extremely tasty! Don’t be deceived by the pretty pink color and suuuper easy drinkability, this thing definitely packs a punch! With the 126 proof Wray and Nephew, it’s 1.5x the strength of your standard drink so be careful and enjoy responsibly!