Honey Orchard



Honey Orchard

  • .75oz brandy
  • 1.5oz applejack
  • .75oz honey syrup (1:1 water/honey mix)
  • .75oz lemon juice

Shake with ice. Double strain and garnish with an apple chunk and lemon peel.


Realized I’ve been on a rum kick for too long and needed to switch it up. Saw that I had less than an ounce of my Presidente brandy remaining, decided I could use the extra bottle space, and channeled my creativity. I paired the remaining 3/4oz of Presidente brandy with some applejack (which is almost a brandy, as brandies are any spirit made from fruits, and this Laird’s applejack is 35% apple brandy mixed with a neutral spirit). Thought that honey might go well with the apple flavors, so used that as the sweetener, and balanced it out with some lemon. Given that I haven’t concocted a fully original recipe in a while, and made no adjustments, I think it turned out pretty well!