Tanqueray London Dry Gin



This is my favorite gin. It’s my go-to gin at home for mixing up a cocktail, AND I can always count on it being available at any dive bar (my default dive bar drink is a gin&tonic…hard to mess that one up right?) I find Tanqueray to be super crisp and refreshing with noticeable citrusy flavors (probably attributed to its heavy juniper focus). I know a lot of people who claim to hate gin, saying it “tastes like diving nose first into a Christmas tree,” but give me the chance to introduce you to a couple gin cocktails and see if you change your mind!


Gin is one of the MOST versatile spirits (and a personal fav), mixing amazingly both in boozy stirred drinks (Negroni anyone?) and crisp poolside refreshers (basil gimlets!), and *really* it’s just vodka infused with botanicals. What? Gin essentially starts out its life as vodka, with the differentiation being the addition of botanicals. To be classified as gin, juniper must be a primary characteristic, but usually distillers will add many other botanicals. In the case of Tanqueray, things are kept simple with only 4 – juniper, coriander, angelica root, and licorice. This will always be a staple in my collection, so I’m glad they always have it at Costco.


Faith’s Dive Bar order:
“Can I have a Tanqueray & Tonic with some lime?”
Squeeze lime juice in and stir drink to mix. Throw used lime away (I don’t trust sticking these into my drink)