Ti’ Punch (Barbancourt)



  1. Pour 2oz rhum agricole of choice in a glass (Clement, Neisson, Rhum JM are popular brands… Barbancourt *technically* isn’t considered an agricole, but is still sugarcane based and will work fine)
  2. Add some sugarcane or raw sugar syrup to taste (start with no more than a tsp or so)
  3. Squeeze in some lime juice (start with just a small wedge) and drop the lime into the drink (the oils from the peel will work their magic!)
  4. Stir altogether and enjoy. (optionally add ice)


Sooo after having some people over and *completely* depleting our ice supply, I was craving a cocktail. After unsatisfying-ly sipping some wine, I finally just poured some aged Barbancourt r(h)um to sip on, and thought hey, this is a perfect opportunity to make a Ti’ Punch (a drink traditionally served without ice). It was SO delicious and I think this may now be one of my go-tos! Ti Punch is short for petite (small) punch and is vastly popular in the French Caribbean, particularly as the national drink of the island of Martinique. It’s a casual drink that is often served deconstructed, allowing the drinker to design their own proportions to taste. There’s no official recipe and only involves 3 key ingredients – rhum agricole (which is a French-style rum made from fresh sugarcane juice as opposed to molasses. You really can’t substitute a molasses-based rum here), lime, and sugarcane syrup.