Frangelico was actually one of the very first liqueurs I ever owned. When I first got interested in cocktails my senior year of college, I threw a couple cocktail parties for my friends, loading up my ‘bar’ with a few very calculated purchases (getting cocktail ingredients was a HUGE investment for a poor college student!). In the midst of getting Smirnoff, peach schnapps, Malibu, Rose’s lime juice and grenadine (all items you should probably avoid, btw), somehow I decided I needed a bottle of this Italian hazelnut liqueur.


In its friar-shaped bottle, Frangelico is extremely sweet and nutty in flavor, with toasty hints of vanilla and cocoa. I’d say it definitely falls in the category of liqueurs that go well in coffee/milky/chocolatey drinks (think of it as a complement for Kahlua/Baileys/Creme de Cacao/etc), and also pairs decently with fruity flavors (with Chambord this makes “nuts&berries” – think pb&j), but honestly this is definitely NOT a staple in my collection nowadays based on the drinks/flavors I now prefer and I’m finding myself struggling to figure out how to use up the bottle. (a tiny bit goes a looooong way! Maybe I’ll try making some desserts with this…)


If you’re a fan of the dessert-y creamy/sweet/coffee genre of cocktails, you might want to give Frangelico a try, but I personally won’t be repurchasing after I get thru this bottle (not the same one from college btw). Nostalgia doesn’t need a physical presence in BarFaith.