Mix all ingredients with crushed ice and pour in your glass of choice.


Ok ok, my first ever encounter with 151 proof spirits was none other than the infamous Bacardi 151 (unpleasant college memories *cough* *cough*) If your only experience with high proof liquors has been with Bacardi 151, it’s time to open your eyes (& mouth) to explore the amazing rich flavor that quality overproof spirits can add to a drink!

It definitely gives drinks a flavor intensity that’s difficult/impossible to substitute with lower proof spirits. (and one whiff of this will make you want to save your Bacardi for lighting fires) This drink, the Cobra, a 1962 original from the legendary Chicago Kon-Tiki tiki bar, was actually my first fully 151-based cocktail (with no other lower proof spirits) and man was it delicious!

Alcohol-content wise, it’s not really any stronger than other drinks but definitely packs a punch in the best way possible! My spirit of choice here is the Hamilton Overproof 151 rum, a dark blended Demerera rum aged up to 5 years. Lemon Hart is the probably the only substitutable option for a dark overproof with this flavor profile.