Green Chartreuse


Green Chartreuse. You may have heard of the color chartreuse (this was super popular in the fashion world a couple years back), but did you know the color actually got its name from this liqueur? Chartreuse has its roots back to 1737 (the color reference came in 1884) and is made by Carthusian monks in France using a top secret recipe that includes 130 herbs/plants. The recipe is so secret that it’s only known to two living monks who oversee all operations and production of the liqueur, which brings in profit to support the monastery.


At a whopping 55%ABV, the taste is very complex, herbal, floral, and potent. It can be enjoyed on its own (usually on the rocks) and has also enjoyed growing popularity in the craft cocktail scene to add flavor complexity (not the mention the lovely color profile!)


Here’s a simple and delicious prohibition-era cocktail from 1915 that was almost lost in the archives but lucky for us, has been brought back from its grave and has recently skyrocketed to popularity. This is simple to make at home and also should be known at any quality cocktail bar you may visit.

The Last Word

Shake with ice and strain in a coupe.

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