St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram


St. Elizabeth Allspice dram was brought to market in 2008 as a traditional pimento dram. (no, not the weird red strips inside olives) Pimento is also known as “allspice” and is commonly used in Jamaican and Caribbean cooking (jerk chicken!). Pimentos are very fragrant tiny dried berries that have flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and more – hence the alias of ALLspice.


Pimento dram is created by infusing rum with pimento berries and sweetening with sugar. It occupied a niche market in the heyday of tiki in the 50s, then unfortunately disappeared from the US market alongside tiki’s decline. Luckily, it’s now back on the market, and is one of my new favorite liqueurs for the amazing warm flavors it adds to tropical or autumn/wintery festive cocktails! Use *very* sparingly (almost like bitters usage) as the flavor is quite strong, but it’s the perfect addition to punches to add a bit of spice (to make it nice). Or try it in an old fashioned or other classics for a warm spicy twist that’ll have you yearning for the holidays!