Corn N Oil



Combine all ingredients in an old fashioned glass with crushed ice. Stir well to combine until completely chilled and frosty. Feel free to play around with the rum:falernum ratio to taste


This is an old Barbados recipe that’s super simple and (too) easy to drink (I accidentally chugged mine down in a couple minutes). The two main ingredients are simply Barbados rum, and falernum (a classic Barbadian liqueur made with Caribbean spices – almond, lime, cloves, ginger, vanilla, etc…more on this later). Modern takes of this cocktail call for blackstrap rum – an inky black, heavy-bodied, molasses/licorice/coffee/spice ridden concoction, perhaps to mimic the color of crude oil suggested in the name, though the Bajan (aka Barbadian) tradition has no such criteria. All you need is your favorite Barbados rum 🥃: few good brands to choose from are Mount Gay, Doorly’s, Cockspur, The Real McCoy, and Foursquare. No one quite knows where the name of the drink originated, but it sure is tasty!