Rum Fire


RUM FIRE. Ok, this recent acquisition (which just became available in California!) may be one of my FAVORITE BOTTLES EVER in my whole collection – definitely one of the most unique and intense! This is a Jamaican overproof unaged white rum that is not for the faint of heart; it’s seriously no joke. Jamaican rums in general are a very distinctive style of rum due to the unique process employed to produce them, which uses leftover gunky remains from previous distillations during fermentation (try to hold back your disgust). The result is an incredibly full flavored fruity and funky rum that has flavors of overripe fruit and pineapples – a flavor profile sometimes referred to as “hogo” that is created from the high ester count in the distillate.


Esters are a chemical compound built from the bond between alcohol molecules and acids, and what contributes to much of the flavors we then taste. Many of the same esters in this rum are also found in pineapples, which is why this has strong “pineapple” fruity flavors without actually having any pineapples! The closest readily available comparison to this is probably the Wray and Nephew White Overproof (another GREAT rum), but the Rum Fire is pretty much that on crack in terms of funk. The ester count in this is at least 3x the amount in Wray and Nephew, which is already one of the funkier rums on the market! If you see this in stores and are feeling adventurous, I can’t recommend this one enough!