Chambord Liqueur


Chambord. This is actually one of my favorite fruit liqueurs even though I don’t reach for it as often as I’d like. Chambord is a delicious French liqueur made with red and black raspberries, vanilla, citrus, honey, and cognac. It tastes quite jammy (in a good way), with rich vanilla and berry flavors that pair most wonderfully with both light and dark spirits alike. Use it to spice up your gin&tonics, brambles, mimosas, margaritas, gimlets, daiquiris, or use it in a whiskey smash or sour. Sip it straight for dessert, pour it on some ice cream, or have it with a piece of chocolate.  However, my favorite pairing with Chambord is actually with red wine; I find the rich tannins of a good full-bodied red goes perfectly with the warm berry flavors. And my favorite recipe? Berries from the Vine


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