St. George Botanivore Gin

botanivoreSt. George Botanivore Gin. From all my previous posts, it’s pretty obvious I’m a big fan of St. George Spirits. This Botanivore gin is no exception. Unlike their dry rye gin, which really focuses on the juniper and unique base spirit with only a few additional botanicals, the Botanivore is all about the harmonious blend of allllll the botanicals – 19 to be exact.

I would say that this may not be the gin to start out with for those who are adverse to the floral and botanical flavors common in gin (for obvious reasons), but once you’re past that, this is an absolutely fantastic representation of a balanced and delicious fresh gin. It’s a bouquet of flavors that will heighten and bring that extra oomph to your gin-focused cocktails.

Since I’ve talked so much about St. George Distillery in all my posts and how a visit to the distillery was my first introduction to craft spirits, let me just mention how cool the operation there is. Located in Alameda, a little island nestled in the San Francisco Bay about half an hour away from downtown SF, St. George’s operations occupy a giant 65,000 sq ft aircraft hangar, complete with huge beautiful copper stills, lines of barrels for aging (when needed), a lab, and tasting room. As this area used to be a Naval Air Station, it’s neighbored by other hangars and buildings from the day which are now repurposed as wine rooms/breweries and other miscellaneous businesses. The entire area is super spacious and open, completely different from the bustling city nearby. If you’re ever visiting San Francisco, make sure you carve out some time for a distillery tour and tasting at St. George! It’s an incredible experience that is truly unique!