Wray and Nephew White Overproof


Wray and Nephew White Overproof rum. If you have any preconceptions about white rum being boring, flavorless, and suitable only when masked by fruit juices and stronger flavors, then this is the bottle that will change your world. Don’t let the clear liquid throw you off, this 63% ABV Jamaican white rum will be the star of your show with its potent delicious funky flavors. No wonder it’s by far the most popular rum in Jamaica!


Before I ever tried any Jamaican rum, I had heard it described as being ‘funky’, and it’s a term I now often use myself, but I remember being very confused as to what that really meant. What the heck is FUNKY? That’s not a flavor! To shed some light on that, I personally use the term to convey an imaginative palate full of strong, aromatic, unusual and unique flavors that are pungent or piquant. Think of scents like overripe fruit, fish sauce, wet dirt, and sharp cheese. That’s funky.


Don’t worry, Wray and Nephew doesn’t taste like fish sauce or cheese, but you’ll find a strong flavor profile rife with notes of ripe fruit, pineapple, and vegetal earthiness. (I’m terrible at describing ambiguous flavors, you’ll just have to experience this yourself) The flavors come from the chemical compounds (esters) that remain in the spirit after distillation, and for more details on that, see Rum Fire.


Wray and Nephew should be relatively accessible at most well-stocked liquor stores and while its label may look uninteresting and easy to pass up, don’t overlook this gem! The most popular way of enjoying this rum is in a simple highball drink paired with Ting Jamaican grapefruit soda, but if you can’t find that, try out Wray and Pink.