Wray and Ting



  • 1.5oz Wray and Nephew overproof rum
  • 4oz Ting soda

Add into a tall glass with ice, and stir to combine. Add a squeeze of lime and enjoy.


Guess what? I FINALLY found a bottle of Ting Jamaican grapefruit soda! Hurrah! 🙌🏼I’ve been on the search for this ever since I got my bottle of Wray&Nephew Overproof White rum in order to make the Jamaican classic highball drink Wray & Ting. So imagine my joy when I dropped by one of my favorite Jamaican restaurants for some takeout and saw these for sale in their fridge. You betcha I bought a few and immediately threw this together once I got home to enjoy with my delicious Caribbean grub.


This is the classic highball cocktail of Jamaica, and it’s so freakin delicious and takes about 20 seconds to put together. Dangerous combo, yes? Highballs are a classification of cocktails that are composed of a spirit plus some type of juice or soda that is served over ice, typically in a tall narrow “highball” glass. These refreshing coolers are meant to be simple to assemble and easy to drink. Examples of highballs include rum&coke, gin&tonic, scotch&soda, vodka&oj (screwdriver), Jack&coke, etc. For this drink, I used the same recipe as in Wray and Pink (an alternative when/if you can’t find Ting that is actually equally tasty!) The perfect drink to quench your thirst on those hot steamy days!