Hamilton 151 Rum


Hamilton 151 Overproof rum. You haven’t had “151 rum” until you’ve tried 151 rum from Guyana. I think the first time I (and probably many people) ever heard of and experienced “151” was in the context of the recently-discontinued Bacardi151 (151 is the proof. 75.5% ABV). I literally cried. It tastes and feels like fire in the worst way possible and basically should not be used for anything except burning. THIS, however, is nothing like that and is full of smokey, deep, delicious rich flavor. This 151 rum is a must-have for a proper tiki drink arsenal and adds incredible unparalleled flavor.


The more common/popular brand of this style of overproof rum is Lemon Hart, but Hamilton’s version is a comparable (and arguably better) substitute, so choose whichever is most readily available to you and get yourself started with a 151 Swizzle. Both Lemon Hart and Hamilton 151 rums are from the same distillery on the island of Guyana. Demerara was the name of the region that is now the country of Guyana, and there is a single distillery there today that produces all the rum that can be labeled “Demerara.” Essentially “Demerara rum” is rum from Guyana, and is also the style of rum that was a key component in the historical British Royal Navy rum. And how is Demerara rum related to demerara sugar? Well, “demerara sugar” also gets its name from the sugarcane fields in Demerara/Guyana where it was originally harvested, though not all demerara “style” sugar sold today is from Guyana. Outside of producing this overproof rum, the distillery (Demerara Distillers Ltd) also sells their rums to other bottlers, and maintains their own flagship El Dorado line. Now go rum out and get yourself some delicious quality 151.