Homemade Kümmel liqueur


Kümmel liqueur. This is an INCREDIBLE liqueur that I was SO excited to discover recently. I first tried it at White Chapel Bar in a Jenever drink, and thanks to @nycmixology for helping with the recipe, I’ve created my own DIY version. I’m a huge fan of savory flavors and this liqueur is absolutely perfect for that.


Kümmel is quite an intense and unique flavor that you can’t miss in a drink, and I’ve since enjoyed it in a gin martini as well as in a tiki punch (I was so surprised that Jeff “Beachbum” Berry actually used kümmel in one of his drinks from his Tiki Oasis presentation!). Super excited to experiment with this more, and the DIY version is so simple that it’s definitely worth trying out if you’re a fan of any of the 3 big spices listed below.

See here for more DIYs.


Kümmel Liqueur

  • 1cup vodka
  • 1tbsp cumin seeds
  • 1tbsp fennel seeds
  • 1tbsp caraway seeds
  • Honey to taste

Soak your spices in a cup of vodka for about 2 weeks, agitating periodically. Strain, then add honey to taste and shake well to combine. This is a liqueur, so you’ll be using it for sweetening purposes, but sweeten to your preferred taste. (optional) Strain the cloudiness from the honey after it settles after a couple days. It should hopefully keep indefinitely, though the flavor intensity may diminish over time.