Velvet Falernum


John D. Taylor Velvet Falernum. If you’ve been getting into the world of tiki drinks, you’ve surely come across recipes calling for falernum. Falernum is a syrup/liqueur originating from Barbados that has rich flavors of primarily lime and clove (along with warm notes of allspice, almond, and ginger) that is commonly used in many tropical tiki creations. It’s been around in Barbados since the 1800s and started out as somewhat of a rum punch that was used to sweeten various rum-based drinks.


Although there are a few versions of falernum in the market today (and plenty of DIY recipes on the web), this bottle of Velvet Falernum is produced and exported from Barbados and is based on the original Barbados recipe that made this liqueur/sweetener so popular in previous centuries amongst locals and tourists alike (as a staple in vacation resort bars). I find it a bit milder than other versions of falernum I’ve tried, but that works to its advantage in certain recipes. This rum-based liqueur clocks in at just over 10% ABV and is quite affordable (under $20 in my area) – definitely a must have for any tiki enthusiast.


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