Golden Devil Worthy Park Rum


Golden Devil Jamaican rum, Worthy Park. This is an independently bottled (meaning it’s not part of any large company/brand) 10-year old rum from the Jamaican rum/sugar estate: Worthy Park. This was a limited small-batch bottling I picked up from K&L Wines, so I won’t talk too much more about the specifics of this bottle, but hey, let’s talk more about where it comes from.


Worthy Park sells most of their rum locally in Jamaica or to other companies for independent bottling and usage in blends. Located in the St. Catherine parish in Jamaica, Worthy Park has been family-owned since the 1700s producing sugar and rum. In the mid 1900s, they stopped rum production and reopened distilling only in 2005. They’re back and stronger than ever, producing some of the most ester-heavy funky Jamaican rums on the market. Next time you see references to Worthy Park or St. Catherine, you can usually expect some good funk. Some example rums that include Worthy Park distillates include: Rum Bar (their flagship brand), Hamilton Pot Still Gold and Black, and Two James Doctor Bird.