Rum Home Bar


Rum for a home bar. There are a ton of ways to categorize rum, so I won’t try to invent any new classification system, but from my experience, there are certain types/styles of bottles that are particularly useful to have on hand for versatile mixing and will also help introduce you to the huge vast world of different rums to explore. In the upcoming posts in this series, I’ll provide some recommendations of bottles that I believe play different roles in my tiki and rum mixology (& general enjoyment) and would suggest a rum adventurer to seek out. Here’s the list, prioritized in recommended purchasing order for a cocktail-focused rum enthusiast-to-be. Enjoy!

See the full list, or browse by category. (please go in order)

  1. Gold blending rum | golden/amber in color, lightly aged, medium bodied
  2. White blending rum | lightly aged, light bodied
  3. Jamaican gold rum | flavorful, funky
  4. Aged (sipping) rum | preferred sipper, great for blending as well in simple spirit-focused drinks
  5. Black rum | flavorful with spices and other flavors, heavy bodied, usually lightly aged
  6. Overproof | potent, bright, smokey
  7. Agricole White | grassy, vegetal
  8. Jamaican White Overproof | fruity, funky, bright, in your face

* Wildcards | other amazing rums that any rum lover should own