Malfy G&T



  • 2oz Malfy gin
  • 4oz Tonic water (I used Fevertree Indian)
  • Sprinkle of lavender salt (or regular salt is fine) – this helps bring out the intensity of flavors in a really pleasant way

Add the gin and tonic in a glass over ice and stir to combine. Dust your salt on top. DON’T garnish with dried lavender buds, but do add some fresh citrus peel for an extra burst of fresh citrus oils


Just like how every new rum warrants a daiquiri, every new gin needs the G&T test. I picked up this bottle of Malfy Gin after seeing it all around the ‘gram and hearing great things (social media influence, yo). It’s Italian-made and channels the flavors of classic limoncello – which is a sweet lemon zest-based liqueur commonly made in southern Italy. This gin is fruity, heavy on fresh lemon, and totally limoncello-like without the intense sweetness of the liqueur. It tastes more like a lemon-infused gin and in my opinion is totally worth picking up for its uniqueness and to bring some dramatic variety to your gin collection. This is definitely a gin to try for people who are less into the heavy juniper and botanical notes common for the category, and makes for one kick ass G&T.


Note: Lesson of the day – don’t put dried lavender buds into your cocktails, no matter how tempting it seems as a good garnish option. Just don’t do it. Use some ground up lavender or a fresh sprig instead or you’ll be fishing the lavender out of your drink all night.