1| Gold Blending Rum

2017-11-16 18.00

Alrightyy, so for this mini-series I’m sharing my recommendations for rums to build up your home bar with, focused on maximizing cocktail versatility (check Rum Home Bar for more details). The groups will be shared in descending order of necessity (in my opinion), and up first – aka most important : the GOLD BLENDING RUM.


1| Gold Blending Rum

My definition of a gold blending rum refers to a #rum that has seen time in a barrel, and while all are delicious sippers, I’m specifically recommending these as ones optimized for mixing due to their affordability and ability to work well with other cocktail ingredients. As for the gold distinction? As described in Rum and Color, all barrel-aged rums will be naturally golden. A longer aged rum will never turn black and will merely (may)be a deeper gold than a shorter aged rum. Any black or dark brown rum has added coloring or spices.

 Bottles to Consider

  • Plantation 5 Year or Original Dark
  • El Dorado 5 or 8
  • Mount Gay Eclipse or Black Barrel
  • Bacardi 8
  • Don Q Añejo
  • Real McCoy 5


Next rum style to stock: 2| White Blending Rum

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