2| White Blending Rum


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The second category of rum to add to your collection – a WHITE BLENDING RUM. Please read the Rum Home Bar intro for an overview of this series, and make sure you’re following along in order to get the most out of it.


2| White Blending Rum

In my definition, the white blending rum refers to a light bodied, light colored rum that is optimized for mixing in cocktails. While the most well-known “white rum” is something like Bacardi White, the ones I recommend have more flavorful characteristics to them beyond over-distilled liquids that’s had most of its flavors removed. These rums are usually lightly aged in barrels for a few years and then charcoal-filtered to remove color, giving you a nice clean and crisp appearance. The flavors are often a bit milder relative to their golden cousins but still deliciously flavorful.

 Bottles to Consider

  • Plantation 3 Star
  • Caña Brava
  • Flor De Cana 4
  • El Dorado 3
  • Havana Club 3 (specifically, the ones available outside the US; the US label is a completely different product made by Bacardi)


Next rum style to stock: 3| Gold Jamaican Rum

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