3| Gold Jamaican Rum

2017-11-25 11.00

The 3rd type of rum I would recommend stocking your bar with (after the gold and white blending rums) is a GOLD JAMAICAN RUM. If you haven’t been following along, Rum Home Bar covers my recommendations for getting started with building a versatile home rum collection, primarily focused on cocktail creation but will hopefully make you a general rum-convert. Please read the Rum Home Bar intro for an overview of this series, and make sure you’re following along in order to get the most out of it.


3| Gold Jamaican Rum 🇯🇲

This is exactly as it sounds, a gold (barrel aged) rum made in Jamaica. Jamaica is a former English colony that adheres to unique traditions of rum production that lends to a distinctive flavor profile that is more ‘funky’ due to its higher content of esters (flavor compounds). This tastes very different compared to what many general consumers associate with gold rum, and is an absolute necessity to add a unique flavorful punch to your cocktails (especially tiki). Like many others (myself included), you may find yourself falling in love with its wonderful aromas. While internationally rum has limited regulations governing how it’s made, Jamaica has strict production policies that prohibit added sugar and flavorings.

 Bottles to Consider

  • Appleton Estate Signature or Reserve
  • Smith and Cross
  • Hamilton Gold or Black
  • Mezan XO Jamaica


Next rum style to stock: 4| Aged (Sipping) Rum

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