5| Black (Dark) Rum

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Next on the list of rums to stock: the BLACK (DARK) RUM. If you haven’t been keeping up, please read the Rum Home Bar intro for an overview of this mini-series and then I’d highly recommend reading thru the previous 4 posts to get the most of it.


5| Black Rum

So, black rum (sometimes just called “dark rum” is a specific style of rum that is particularly useful for mixing in tiki drinks due to the flavor complexity and body that it adds. While you may be led to think that the darker the rum, the more “aged” it is, that’s definitely not true, and what the general consumer typically refers to as “dark rum” is oftentimes a very lightly aged “black rum” (or a spiced rum). As explained earlier in Rum and Color, the color that rum picks up from barrels will only ever be a golden hue. Additional caramel coloring, molasses, and spices can be added post distillation to increase the viscosity and add flavor to rums. In essence, a “black rum” is really a flavored rum, oftentimes not aged any longer than a few short years. Nevertheless, many classic tiki drinks specifically call for this style of rum, so it’s always a staple to keep around my home bar.


Bottles to Consider

  • Coruba (Jamaican)
  • Myers (Jamaican)
  • Gosling’s Black Seal


Next rum style to stock: 6| Overproof Rum

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