6| Overproof Rum

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Group number 6 for rums to stock in your homebar, the OVERPROOF RUM. As a reminder – please read all prior posts in Rum Home Bar to get the most out of these rum recommendations, and note: the groups are presented in decreasing order of necessity and we’re now in the home stretch: 6/8. (oh and in case you’re curious, the tiki mug is from Tiki Oasis 2017. My favvv )


6| Overproof Rum

The most common “standard proof” is considered to be 40% alcohol by volume for a distilled spirit. Thus, anything above 40% is considered to be higher than standard, with the “overproof” distinction hitting around 57%….though for this category, what I’m specifically referring to are gold/dark rums that clock in above 65% ABV. These are the potent monsters that will absolutely add massive flavor and an incredible kick to your tiki cocktails (generally you would not drink these straight…can’t be good for your throat). There is a unique brightness in flavor that accompanies these rums that you can’t get from just doubling the volume of your standard proof rums. It’s truly transformative in cocktails and there is no substitute. (And please, no Bacardi 151…not even a comparison)

Note: There are also white unaged overproof rums that are 65%+ (mostly Jamaican or agricole-style), which I did not include in this group since they are distinctively different flavor-wise….don’t worry, I’ll cover them later.


Bottles to Consider

  • Hamilton 151
  • Lemon Hart 151
  • Plantation OFTD (not as similar as the other two, but still a great alternative)


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