7| Agricole White R(h)um


Next up, rum group number 7 – the AGRICOLE WHITE R(H)UM. If you’re just newly checking in, to get the most of this mini-series for rum recommendations to stock your homebar with, make sure you’re going thru the list from Rum Home Bar in order.


7| Agricole White R(h)um

Agricole rhum refers to a traditionally French-style of rum creation which uses fresh sugarcane juice instead of the more common molasses. Often bottled at a higher proof (50%+ abv), agricole rhum (rhum is just French for ‘rum’) is more grassy and earthy in flavor and picks up much more from the ‘terroir’/land where the sugarcane plants are harvested (since the juice used to create the rum is not cooked down like molasses). White or “blanc” agricole rhums are not aged in barrels and are *extremely* different from the more common molasses-based rums. Think about the earthy/grassiness you taste in a silver tequila; though the flavors are completely different, that’s the type of comparison I’d make. Like-it-or-hate-it, this represents an important style of rum that plays an key role in creating diverse cocktails and is a necessity to truly appreciate and understand the diversity of rum as a spirit.

Bottles to Consider

  • Neisson Blanc
  • Damoiseau Blanc
  • Rhum JM Blanc
  • La Favorite Blanc
  • Clement Blanc


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