*| Wildcard Rums


Alllllrighty now. We’ve finally come to the end of this rum series. I sincerely hope it’s been helpful. It brings me joy to learn if anyone has been inspired to pick up some extra bottle(s) of rum as a result, so let me know what you’ve acquired or what’s on your list! Anyway, this is category number 9 out of 8, aka the bonus round. Hopefully you have at least 8 bottles of rum now from each of the 8 previous distinct categories in Rum Home Bar. If so, you’re all set for all the rum and tiki mixing you need!

If you’re now itching for even more rums, this list can help you get started with some unique options. These don’t cleanly fit into any of the categories previously listed, but are absolute favorites of mine. Highly recommended. There are of course many other rums I adore, but I’m keeping this list to ones that are affordable and not super rare or exclusive.

*|Wildcard Rums

  • Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple : you’ll never think of flavored rum the same after this. The entire pineapple (peel included) is used to create this, with a base of the Plantation Original Dark rum (amazing in itself!). Smells like a fresh 🍍
  • Doctor Bird : a recent release of funky Jamaican rum that spent some time in moscatel sherry casks. Absolutely incredible and one of my *favorite* bottles of all time. At $25, it’s a freakin steal
  • Stolen Overproof : Limited edition release of overproof aged Jamaican rum from the master of funk: Hampden Estates (same place that produces Rum Fire and Smith&Cross). High octane (61.5%) and funk bomb? Yes please
  • Barbancourt 15 : aged sugarcane-based rum from Haiti that is not as ‘grassy’ as most agricole rhums and makes one of my favorite Ti Punches