Banana Stand



Banana Stand (by Zac Overman)

Shake all liquid ingredients with ice, and strain over a tall glass of fresh crushed ice. If you want to go the extra mile, wrap the leaf around the inside of your glass before filling with crushed ice. The grassy scent it adds really does enhance the overall flavor experience.


Wow, guys. So lately I’ve been obsessed with everything involving smoky scotch, so you bet I couldn’t resist when I saw this recipe posted by Cocktail Wonk, created by Zac Overman from the Rob Roy bar in Seattle. This is called the Banana Stand and includes smoky scotch, banana, cinnamon, yellow Chartreuse, and allspice dram. In short, this is everything you love about tiki with its complex flavor combination and balance of tart with sweet and spice, but with a robust smoky scotch backbone.

BTW, this Giffard banana liqueur is just AMAZING. Even if you’re hesitant about bananas, this is literally perfection in the form of liquid toasty rich banana bread. If you’ve been eyeing/considering it in any form or fashion, I suggest you take the plunge, you won’t regret it.