Spanish G&T (Benham’s Gin)


The gin and tonic was always one of my favorite drinks, even before I got seriously into cocktails. However, it was the Instagram world that introduced me to the lovely “Spanish style” gin and tonics. This style of Gin and Tonics arose from the popularity of the mixed drink in Spain, where it’s not treated as a dive-bar highball with default “well gin” and a spray of high fructose corn syrup-sweetened “tonic water.” Instead, it’s a piece of drinkable art created with a thoughtfully selected premium gin paired with high quality tonic water and decorated liberally with beautiful aromatics (herbs, spices, fruits, flowers) to produce a scent bouquet to accompany each sip. Often served in a large wine goblet, this is pure heaven and simplicity at its best. Not only is it absolutely beautiful to look at, it’s incredibly delicious and simple to put together! My G&T life will never be the same


After recently receiving this stunning bottle of Benham’s Gin (created in the beautiful Sonoma wine county right north of SF!), I had to put it to the G&T test. You can be totally creative with your garnishes, but I decided on a selection of aromatics to match some of those used in the creation of the gin – star anise, mint, juniper berries, and a lemon peel flower. The combination of the savory star anise and fresh mint was spectacular and such a unique contrast. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite gins, and who can say no to that incredible label?


Spanish G&T

  • 2oz gin
  • 4oz tonic water (I used Q Tonic)
  • Garnishes of choice – I used star anise, mint, juniper berries, and lemon peel.

Add gin and tonic into a wine goblet over glass. Add garnishes. Admire, sip, repeat.

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