Frísco and Tonic



• 2oz unaged grape brandy (I used Frísco, but feel free to sub pisco or anything similar)
• 4oz tonic water (I used Q Tonic)
• (optional) Dash of citrus bitters (I used Honest Johns grapefruit bitters)

Pour into an ice filled glass, and add some slices of apple (pairs amazingly with the grape brandy!) and a squeeze of lime. Drop in a lime wheel for some aromatic lime oils.


Sooo, I don’t know if this problem is unique to me, but I always have issues finishing bottles of tonic water. I mean, I only buy the small bottles that are only like 7oz, but I always use a 2:1 ratio in my G&Ts, which translates to 4oz of tonic in a drink. And that leaves me with leftovers. What the heck, right? Anyway, to be honest I take a wine stopper and usually stick it in the fridge up to a few days (which holds up surprisingly well!)


So, on this occasion I had some leftover tonic water sittin in the fridge. Let me tell you – [fill in spirit] + tonic is a fool-proof combo. My goodness. I met the founder of Frísco recently and he was kind enough to bring over a bottle of their pisco-inspired San Francisco-made unaged grape brandy: Frísco. (Cute name for a label, but guys, please don’t ever call San Francisco by that “nickname”) I was excited to try it out immediately (as with any new bottle, right?) and thought about my leftover tonic. Bingo, bam, delicious. This is 2/2 for my recent successes with unassuming tonic partners (along with mezcal+tonic).


I challenge YOU to try out an unlikely spirit with tonic (and some aromatic garnishes, which are critical!), and report back. Tell me your most unique combos!


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