Doctor Bird Rum


Two James Doctor Bird Jamaican rum. Ok guys, this is one of my desert island rums that I would rush out to replace if I ever ran out. Seriously the top of my tops. It’s a fairly new player on the market released mid-2017 but has definitely made its mark in the rum (and tiki) community. It’s a blend of rums up to 6 years old from Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica (see this post for more on the distillery) that’s then finished in Moscatel sherry casks in the Detroit Two James Distillery. It is so freakin fantastic, with an unbeatable potent flavor and an affordable price tag. If you see this in stores, do not hesitate and pick up a bottle. I can’t say enough great things about this rum.


Moscatel sherry is a very sweet sherry (similar to Pedro Ximenez), but none of the sweetness really transfers to the rum, in my opinion. Instead, Doctor Bird manages to capture the “essence” of the musty sherry and the rich jammy and fruitiness without any of the actual sweetness. The end result is an extremely full flavored and funky Jamaican rum with a beautiful jammy full-bodied feel. I’d drink this neat as much as I’d mix this in cocktails.


If you have this and are looking for some cocktail inspirations, try it in a Jasper’s Jamaican rum punch or any other recipe that calls for for funky Jamaican rum. It will surely not disappoint.