1944 Mai Tai (Doctor Bird)



Shake all ingredients with ice and empty into a rocks glass. Garnish with some fresh mint and a used lime half. Not only does this add to the flavor (with the lime oils slowly trickling into the drink, it looks pretty cool. You can flip it around to make it look like a little island as well)


Ah, the classic Mai Tai. I have written about the classic 1944 Mai Tai previously, so check that out for more background on the drink. In short, the modern-day connotation of a “Mai Tai” is far different from the classic mid-century tiki drink. The classic Mai Tai was potent and not full of random juice/sweetener fillers (as it’s often done today). As such, the base spirit takes center stage in the drink, and the choice of rums here plays a critical role and begs for experimentation.

In honor of the TikiTheSnowAway event, I present this Doctor Bird Mai Tai, created used the Doctor Bird rum. It’s intense, funky, and absolutely delicious. For the record, it’s as far away from a “Hawaiian style” Mai Tai as you can get.

Do you have any favorite Mai Tai rum(s)?


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