Amaro Montenegro



Amaro Montenegro. Sooo, I’m super excited to be heading to Bologna in a couple weeks – the food capital of Italy! And what else, Bologna is also the home and birthplace of the popular Amaro Montenegro.


I’m quite intrigued by this bottle. Montenegro has become quite a staple and popular amaro (bittersweet herbal liqueur) in the cocktail industry. As a result, I feel like it’s developed a certain reputation and even somewhat of a mass-market feel to it (paired with the modernized approach the company has taken to marketing this product…). However, taking a step back, it’s fascinating to realize that Montenegro has been around since the late 1800s. It was named in honor of the princess of Montenegro, who married an Italian king. The liqueur was an important part of the wedding and kickstarted its popularity and prominence in Italy, which still remains to this day. With this bottle, you are drinking a piece of history.


I waited a while before picking this up, but found a bottle under the tree for Christmas.  I can see why it’s become so popular. Made from a blend of 40 different botanicals, Montenegro exudes a very floral nose, and I smell a bouquet of roses. Flavorwise, it’s full of that unique floralness backed by strong citrus peel. There’s vanilla and warm spices, there’s bitterness, and there is pleasant sweetness to balance things on. I’m excited to use it in some cocktails, but honestly, a pour of some over ice is just fantastic. I think I’m ready for Italy.

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