Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Liqueur


Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Liqueur. Guys, this stuff is awesome. My friend (who usually just sips on straight whiskey or rum) discovered this last summer and started buying (and finishing) bottle after bottle at an alarming rate. I was so curious I had to pick up a bottle for myself. Calling this a liqueur is misleading really. It’s not very sweet at all (only 3% added sugar) and at 35% ABV tastes like a fall-spiced Old Fashioned. Just a pour of this on ice (optionally with a dash of bitters and a citrus twist) is incredible. Simple, done.


Corbin Cash Spirits are made at a family-owned sweet potato farm in the California Central Valley, a small fertile land area that produces over a quarter of the food we eat in this country! The family has been producing sweet potatoes on their farm for the past century and took to distilling as a new way to diversify their crop output. They started out making a sweet potato based vodka, and now also produce a gin, couple whiskies, and this “liqueur.”


This is officially labeled as a liqueur, but I would really describe this as an “aged sweet potato spirit.” It’s aged in oak barrels for up to 4 years and produced in the same way as their whiskies, just using sweet potato instead of grain as its sugar source. Post aging, a thoughtfully selected bouquet of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise are added to really enhance the flavors of the sweet potato (think: marshmallow-topped Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole) and the blend is very gently sweetened with cane sugar to highlight the harmonious flavor combination. It’s made with the whiskey drinker in mind, and is definitely something I think any lover of aged spirits would enjoy. Use it in a cocktail, enjoy it straight, it’s unique and delicious stuff! If you see this around, give it a try, it doesn’t taste like cloying sweet potato syrup at all. Now I’m interested in their gin…