Le Saboteur



Stir all with ice and strain. Garnish with an orange zest.


I’m still drinking aperitivo by day, wine by night (or is it the other way around?) across Italy (@barfaithdrinks), but here’s a fun experiment I did before I left.


After finally running low on my first ever bottle of mezcal (Del Maguey Vida), I decided to switch things up and picked up a bottle of Fidencio Clasico to compare (thanks everyone for the recs!). Before I said my farewells to Vida, I had to do some side-by-side cocktail comparisons. Thanks to a recommendation from my lovely Swedish friends Cocktail Detour, here is Le Saboteur (from the Bastard bar in Malmö, Sweden).


The drink is simple to make, and extremely complex in flavor with quite the intensity – smoke, botanicals, warm spices, it’s got it all. As for the mezcal comparison, Fidencio Clasico definitely has stronger, more pronounced flavors (maybe slightly due to the 2% higher ABV) compared to Vida, and honestly I thought stood out better against the potent herbal flavors of the Chartreuse. The Vida was milder with warmer vanilla notes and some of the smoky intensity I seek from mezcal drinks was lost (in comparison) against the other flavors. Overall, I’m very excited for this new bottle and am really diggin its potency.