Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum


Mount Gay Black Barrel rum. If you’ve been following my posts, you know I’m a huge fan of any rum from Barbados (Mount Gay, Foursquare). This is largely due to the long-standing tradition of rum-making on the island (Mount Gay is the oldest rum distillery in the world still in operation!) and the strict quality regulations on the island that prohibit any additives to rums produced and bottled there. This means you can usually confidently purchase Barbados rums without worrying about getting overly sweetened or flavored messes that are rampant in the rum market.


The Black Barrel rum is the only rum in the primary Mount Gay line that undergoes secondary aging in a different cask. This means that after the rum goes thru its traditional aging and blending process, it’s further finished in a “deeply toasted and charred” oak barrels, giving it a very different flavor profile from your traditional Bajan rums. It’s full of warmth and spice, and tastes like an all-natural version of what I think a ‘spiced rum’ should actually taste like, with no added spices and all flavor coming from the wood (& rum).


When oak is charred/burned, the compounds that make up the wood undergo chemical changes. The result of these chemical changes include caramelization of wood sugars and production of vanillin, lending to those notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and warm baking spices our palate detects. If you’re looking for a ‘spicier’ rum, this is definitely one to try out!