• 2oz mezcal
  • .5oz blanco vermouth (I used Atxa)
  • .5oz lemon juice
  • .25oz Cherry Heering
  • .25oz Allspice dram (St. Elizabeth)

Rim your glass with pink Himalayan salt. Shake all ingredients with ice and strain.


Oooh, this is an interesting one. Who doesn’t love mezcal? It’s definitely having a moment in craft cocktails, soaring to popularity in recent years, and I for one can’t resist em whenever I see it on a menu. This is the Capote, an original created by the mixology genius Collin Nicholas. This is a cocktail that I think really highlights the wild and rustic side of mezcal, exposing its savory, vegetal, almost brine-y qualities.


This drink is salty and rough in a good way. It’s able to strike a delicate balance between sweet, tart, and savory, and totally lives up to Collin’s “Uncommon Cocktails” reputation. I absolutely loved this, though I admit it’s probably not for everyone. If you like tart, salty, brine-y unique flavors, this combo of flavors may be just up your alley. As for me? I enjoyed it so much I made two 😏 – one with Del Maguey Vida, and a second one with Fidencio Clasico. The Vida version was milder, less aggressive, with warmer vanilla flavors, while the Fidencio was more in-your-face with assertive intensity, which I personally preferred. Let me know if you give this a try, and much thanks to @thetipsymuse for scoping out and sharing the recipe!