Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin


Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin. My oh my is this stuff wonderful. I first heard about it from a few Insta friends who raved about it, and then had my first taste at a spirits festival last summer. It was love at first taste, and I knew I had to buy a bottle. The Tom Cat is a barrel-aged gin made in Vermont with such a unique backstory.


After working as a beekeeper in the honey production industry for almost half a century, the founder decided to venture into the world of spirit distilling, exploring raw honey as a key ingredient. After producing a vodka and juniper-forward gin, both skillfully utilizing fresh raw honey directly from the farm, they began experimenting with aging the gin, a practice that dates back hundreds of years.


Unlike most other barrel-aged gins on the market which utilize previously used barrels that held whiskey, wines, brandy, or even rums, Caledonia Spirits uniquely chose to use NEW charred oak barrels to maximize the flavor influences from the wood. After resting for 3-4 months in these barrels (when the most dramatic wood to spirit flavor transfers occur), the Tom Cat gin gets the finishing touch with raw honey from the farm. Truly magnificent.


Have you tried a barrel aged gin? Let me know if you have a favorite!