Homemade Eggnog



From Jeffrey Morgenthaler:

  • 4oz barrel-aged brown spirit (whiskies, brandies, rums – I use half brandy, half rum)
  • 6oz milk
  • 4oz heavy cream
  • 2 fresh raw eggs
  • 3oz sugar
  • .5tsp ground nutmeg

Add eggs to a blender and mix on low/medium for about 30s. Add sugar and mix for another 30s. Add cream, milk, booze, and nutmeg and finish blending for another 30s. Bottle it and chill for a couple hours at least to let the flavors blend together.


Sooo, these days the stores are just full of red and pink, flowers and chocolates, maybe even bunnies and Easter eggs. They’ve mostly stopped selling eggnog and all the holiday spice flavors by now, but come on, for those chilly nights ANY time of year, this will definitely hit the spot. If you missed out on making eggnog from scratch at home during the holidays, it’s time to change that. I’ve never been a huge fan of store-bought eggnog because of how overly thick and sweet it usually is, but this homemade stuff is liquid greatness that showed me the light.


Commercially available eggnog often has a lot of unnatural additives to thicken it up (so they get away with using less actual cream and egg and the good stuff) and along with it, excessive sugar and even artificial colors to compensate. Homemade eggnog is actually extremely easy, and only takes about 5 minutes of active time to prep a whole batch that will last you for days/weeks/months! I’ve still yet to age my eggnog for longer than a week or so, but it seems quite popular to age for up to many months! (the alcohol will help prevent spoilage)