Fumata Bianca



Fumata Bianca (by Timothy Miner)

  • 1oz Suze gentian liqueur
  • 1oz bianco vermouth
  • .5oz mezcal
  • Splash of soda water

Combine all ingredients in a ice-filled glass and gently stir. Garnish with a grapefruit peel and a brandied cherry (this cherry really improved the experience!)


Since returning from my Italy trip, I have a newfound appreciation for the bitter pre-dinner aperitivo drink. This style of light, refreshing, yet bittersweet drink is frequently enjoyed before a meal to open up the appetite. The most popular are the Americano (with Campari, vermouth, and soda) or Aperol Spritz, but the category extends far beyond that. So, if you like those types of drinks, this is one to try!


Recipe is above, but just a side note, I realized after making this (and drinking most of it) that I messed up and used a dry vermouth instead of a bianco (which is much sweeter), so naturally I rushed to go make another. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed both variations, so I say just use your vermouth of choice. If you can handle more bitter drinks and generally prefer to hold the sugar, choose a drier vermouth, and if you enjoy bitter drinks but want something a bit more balanced in terms of sweetness/bitterness, go for a sweeter vermouth. Bitter and delicious, this is the perfect aperitivo.


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