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*| Wildcard Rums

Alllllrighty now. We’ve finally come to the end of this rum series. I sincerely hope it’s been helpful. It brings me joy to learn if anyone has been inspired to pick up some extra bottle(s) of rum as a result, so let me know what you’ve acquired or what’s on

8| Jamaican White Overproof Rum

We’re nearing the end of my Rum Home Bar list for different styles of rum to stock for a home bar for maximum cocktail-making versatility. This is group number 8 out of the essential 8: the JAMAICAN WHITE OVERPROOF. Hopefully this means now you already have at least 7 rums in

7| Agricole White R(h)um

Next up, rum group number 7 – the AGRICOLE WHITE R(H)UM. If you’re just newly checking in, to get the most of this mini-series for rum recommendations to stock your homebar with, make sure you’re going thru the list from Rum Home Bar in order.   7| Agricole White R(h)um Agricole rhum

6| Overproof Rum

Group number 6 for rums to stock in your homebar, the OVERPROOF RUM. As a reminder – please read all prior posts in Rum Home Bar to get the most out of these rum recommendations, and note: the groups are presented in decreasing order of necessity and we’re now in the home

5| Black (Dark) Rum

Next on the list of rums to stock: the BLACK (DARK) RUM. If you haven’t been keeping up, please read the Rum Home Bar intro for an overview of this mini-series and then I’d highly recommend reading thru the previous 4 posts to get the most of it.   5|

4| Aged (Sipping) Rum

The next category in the rum recommendation list is the AGED (SIPPING) RUM. After you’ve picked up the gold and white blending rums, and a gold Jamaican rum, this is the next one to get.   4| Aged (Sipping) Rum Aged rum? Ok, a lot of rum is aged, but

3| Gold Jamaican Rum

The 3rd type of rum I would recommend stocking your bar with (after the gold and white blending rums) is a GOLD JAMAICAN RUM. If you haven’t been following along, Rum Home Bar covers my recommendations for getting started with building a versatile home rum collection, primarily focused on cocktail

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