Hi there! I’m Faith, a cocktail enthusiast living in the beautiful city of San Francisco. My interest in cocktails began many years ago, in the company of cheap liquor, sugary syrups, plastic bottled citrus juices, and lots of soda.

As an amateur enthusiast, getting into the world of “craft cocktails” was quite an overwhelming experience. When I started building up my bar, it was so confusing figuring out what I should buy to make the most number of things, while limiting my budget. I ended up with bottles I didn’t know what to do with, yet was constantly missing ingredients to make seemingly every interesting cocktail I looked up, and every trip to the liquor store was a wildcard. Since I’ve somewhat got it more figured out now, my goal is to share the information I’ve gathered along my home bar journey with others in hopes of making the liquor store (with the overwhelming variety you’ll often find) and cocktail menus/ingredients (often described in the most obscure ways ever) a little less intimidating. Cheers!

You can find me on Instagram @barfaith (cocktails & spirit education) and @barfaithdrinks (bar and drink adventures), YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. If you ever have questions or just wanna chat, shoot me a line!

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